Climbing Bamboos of Lesser Sunda Islands, Indonesia

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Bamboos have been important for our livelihood i.e. as building materials, food, webbing, musical instrument, furniture, ornamental, etc. Bamboos usually have straight culms, but some bamboos have a climbing habit i.e. genus Dinochloa and only distributed in the west part of Indonesia. Lesser Sunda Islands (LSI) and Sulawesi seem to be the easternmost locality of the distribution of Dinochloa in Indonesia. No current information on Dinochloa from LSI has been made so far, thus a review on climbing bamboo from LSI is quite necessary. The objective of the study is updating information about climbing bamboos of LSI. This present study is expected to providebasic data about climbing bamboos in LSI. This research was conducted at the Herbarium Bogoriense by observing the climbing bamboo’s specimens from LSI. The results of the study showed, there are two species of climbing bamboos from LSI are recognized: Dinochloa kostermansiana and D. sepang. In addition, four specimens of Dinochloa cannot be further identified because of the incomplete information on the specimens.

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