Evaluation of Acclimatization Efforts of Plant Collection from Mount Seblat in the Nursery of Cibodas Botanical Garden

Yati Nurlaeni, Imawan Wahyu Hidayat, Ikhsan Noviady Viewed 209 times, Downloaded 126 times


Cibodas Botanical Garden (CBG) has been conducted exploration and plant conservation of mountain forest in Sumatra Island. In this study, the exploration has been conducted in Mount Seblat, Kerinci Seblat National Park, Bengkulu on April 2015. From the exploration 211 numbers of plants collection obtained, which consist of 204 numbers of collections in seedling material, 4 collections number of cutting, and 3 collections number of seeds. The aim of this study was to evaluate the survivorship of the plant collection in the nursery of CBG. The method used in this research was the plant maintenance, and periodic observation of the survivorship p. Observed parameters were the percentage of life, pests and diseases, air temperature, humidity, and light intensity. The results showed that plants successfully acclimatized of seedling 71.66%, cutting 28.57%, and seed 20%. Pests which attack plant collection were caterpillars that eat the leaf buds. During the observation, the temperature was in the range of 17.81-19.52 ⁰C and humidity in the range of 80.31-91.41%. The intensity of light in the range of 125.81-184.18 Lux. Plant growth was influenced by early treatment when the plant taken out of its habitat, maintenance during the critical period of growth, and the suitability of the microclimate in new location.

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