Rhizosphere Microbial Genetic Resources as PGPR Potential Isolated from Maize Inbred Populations Var.Bisma

Mamik Setyowati, Dwi N. Susilowati, Yadi Suryadi Viewed 176 times, Downloaded 208 times


A number of rhizosphere bacteria affect plant growth through contributing to the host plant-source of endogenous phytohormones. This study aims to obtain potential microbial genetic resources which isolated from corn. A total of 24 potential microbial genetic resource collections were isolated from the rhizosphere population of inbred corn plant var. Bisma obtained from the Biogen-Plant GeneBank collection. The potential of microbial genetic resources observed include the ability to produce IAA, N2 fixation, Phosphate solubility, and their ability to stimulate corn seed germination. Rhizosphere bacteria were isolated using the soil extract media. Isolates that showed the ability to produce IAA, N2 fixation and high phosphate solubility were tested for corn seed germination. The results showed that there were 24 isolates obtained from corn rhizosphere which dominated by bacilliform-shaped gram-positive bacteria capable of IAA producing ranged from 4.83 to 125.84 ppm. Almost 16 rhizosphere bacterial isolates were capable of dissolving phosphate with the phosphate solubility index ranged from 2.1 to 4.6. The selected potential isolates of J11, J16 and J19 were able to stimulate the corn seed germination.

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