Application of Leaf Fertilizer to Seedling of Pyrenaria serrata Blume

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Pyrenaria serrata Blume belongs to Theaceae family is a small tree up to 15 m distributed in rainforest from Sumatera, Java and Borneo islands on 200-2.000 m asl. The aim of this study was to determine the selection of leaf fertilizer to enhance P. serrata growth. This study was conducted in Cibodas Botanic Garden’s nursery for 6 months using Randomized Complete Block Design (RCBD). The design used three blocks, five treatment of leaf fertilizer types and three replications. The leaf fertilizer types were Growmore 10-15-10, Growmore Nutra+Zorb Ca, Rosasol N, Rosasol P and control. There were three parameters of seedling growth (height, root collar diameter and chlorophyll content) and four times observation. The results showed application of leaf fertilizer Rosasol N to enhance seedling height than other leaf fertilizer. The highest seedling height was 11.33 cm on the third block and the greatest of chlorophyll content was 28.66 SPAD on the first block. The selected leaf fertilizer of Growmore Nutra+Zorb Ca rate accelerates root collar diameter seedling growth significantly.

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