Increasing Added Value of Vanilla through Technology Utilization of Registered Patent

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Vanilla has become Indonesia's export commodities since 1969. Although it does not belong to Indonesia’s indigenous plants, vanilla can be grown well in some regions of the country. Potential use of vanilla in food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals industry, causes value of this commodity continuously maintained. Indonesian vanilla export in the form of dried vanilla bean reaches approximately 80% of the total exports of Indonesian vanilla. However, added value of vanilla will be higher if the vanilla exported as processed product rather than dried vanilla beans. Therefore, this study aims to explore vanilla processing technology from patent documents to obtain a vanilla processing technology that can be applied in Indonesia without violating the law. Patent document searching was done through the free websites of patent documents provider such as Patentscope, freepatensonline,googlepatent, and espacenet, and the through a paid searching program such as Matheo Patent. This study use descriptive method where the data resulted from searching process were grouped into raw vanilla beans processing technology, vanilla processed product manufacturing, and vanilla waste or spent optimization of utilization. The results show some technologies that can be applied in Indonesia, which are US 2011/0081448, US 005705205, and EP 2430925. Based on the patent document searching results, added value of vanilla can be achieved through vanilla processing technologies combination of incubation technique, vanilla extract production using enzyme, and spent vanilla utilization of sing enzymes and microorganism.

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