Utilization of Alang-Alang (Imperata cylindrica (L.) Raeusch.) as Traditional Medicine in Indonesian Archipelago

Syamsul Hidayat, Arief Noor Rachmadiyanto Viewed 352 times, Downloaded 1539 times


Alang-alang is often considered as a weed to be destroyed on farms or plantations. However, the fact that alang-alang have important role in the field of health. Articles that explore the benefits of alang-alang have been written, especially in the popular media, but a source of information and user community often unclear. Ethnobotany studies to various regions in Indonesia have been conducted by teams of Bogor Botanical Gardens since 1995. Some information about the use of medicinal plants have been recorded through direct interviews in various areas, one of which is the use of alang-alang.. This paper presents various alang-alang utilization either singly or as a mixture, to cope with various diseases. This information is a summary of the various ethnobotany studies conducted by team of Bogor Botanical Garden, and supported by some of the relevant literature. This information is very important for health in the present and future.

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