Planning and Inventory Control Analysis at Perum Bulog West Java Regional Division

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With expanded population, rice consumption in Indonesia is also increasing. Hence rice supply must be managed by Perum Bulog as the handler. Perum Bulog responsibility includes raskin distribution, government rice reserve distribution for emergency and disaster, rice distribution to government agencies and rice distribution among Perum Bulog regional division. Particularly in Perum Bulog West Java Province as one of the largest rice producer in Indonesia. The problems foundwere how to organize and inventory all those rice provided in West Java Province so it can be distributed evenly and efficiently. Solution to these problems will be soughtusing Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) model and approached with Period Order Quantity (POQ).Following complete analysis, it is noted that the largest rice procurement in the last five years happened in 2012 with 585.869.610,53 kg rice produced, and the lowest is going on in 2014. This stock instability is affected by several factors such as crop failures, or unpredictable climate changes thus caused several rice redeployments from DKI Jakarta, Central Java, and South Sulawesi regional division. For 2016, the cumulative cost of supplies calculated was Rp. 4.659.583.712.750,62 with ordering period as much as 71 times and will save the cost of supplies by Rp. 22.118.461.655,86 than planned by Perum Bulog West Java regional division.

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