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Reinwardtiodendron humile (Hassk.) Mabb. is one of the members of the Meliaceae that has potential as a fruit plant. Information related to its distribution, phenology, and utilization is still limited. This study aims to determine the distribution of R. humile in Indonesia, phenology, and its utilization. The research was conducted using methods of direct observation in the field, herbarium, and relevant references, then the collected data was interpreted descriptively. In Indonesia, the species has a wide distribution area, from Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan to Sulawesi. The fruiting and flowering periods occur throughout the year, depending on the location of the growth. Black ants and weaver ants are thought of as visitor animals, as well as pollinators and the seeds dispersal is predicted done by squirrels. Uses of R. humile is done by local people in Sungai Tapa, Jambi as fresh fruit and firewood. The fruit flesh has a sweet taste, so it has the potential to be developed as fresh fruit and processed fruit.


distribution, phenology, Reinwardtiodendron humile, utilization.

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