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This study was done to observe and to provide additional information on bamboo diversity in the conservation area which has been done by Widjaja in 1999. This research was carried out at Laiwangi-Wanggameti National Park, East Sumba in previously April ̶ May 2016, using exploration method. Herbarium specimens were collected using standarlized procedures. The bamboo specimens were identified by morphological observations referring to BO specimens and related references. This study reported six species of bamboos growing in the Laiwangi-Wanggameti National Park, namely Bambusa vulgaris, Dendrocalamus asper, Dinochloa kostermansiana, Gigantochloa atter, Schizostachyum lima, and S. purpureum. The identification key of those species, descriptions and photos of each species were provided.


Bamboo diversity, Laiwangi-Wanggameti National Park, Sumba Island

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