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Indonesia is well known as one of the most diverse flora in the world as well as its declining rate. Botanic gardens is the last fortress for plant conservation. The development of new botanic gardens has contributed to the increase number of Indonesian threatened plant in ex situ conservation area. Currently, there are 32 new botanic gardens across Indonesia (30 botanic gardens managed by local/state government and two by universities). The plant collection of those new botanic gardens mostly arranged in combination of taxonomic and thematic arrangements, while the Ecopark becomes a model for botanic gardens that is arranged on the basis of bioregion in which plants were selected from those regions.


Since it is established, the Ecopark has played important roles in education, community engagement and research. A number of national corporations, NGOs, and environmentalists have also involved in planting activities. School children have been joining various environmental programmes at theEcopark. Distinguished guests and very important persons from different regions and nationalities have also planted threatened plants at the ‘honorary area’ of the park. Several research activities have also been conducting in the Ecopark, including phenology, taxonomy, carbon stock assessment, revegetation and green energy application. We hope that in the near future, the Ecopark will be able to carry out its five fundamental functions: conservation, research, education, ecotourism and environmental services.


Plant collections are important not only to display its potential and properties but also for research and education purposes. I am grateful to present this first plant catalogue of the Ecopark. The catalogue shows the current status of plants growing in the garden. I hope this catalogue will be useful for researchers, students and institutions or even individuals who interested in botanical information and studies


Last but not least, I would like to thank all staff of Registration Unit and Ecopark that have shown endless effort to prepare and publish this catalogue.

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